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03-25-2010, 10:34 PM
I do Three bullets.
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im not gonna lie, i think hes in serious trouble..

that richards hit was... a knockout hit.. richards was coming in FAST, dont be deceived by legs not moving on the ice, there still MOVING at an amount of speed, and picture a guy running on a floor the same speed as richards is going on the ice, it changes how much more dangerous the hit looks, on the ice its masked by the appearance of the body just leaning forward, legs not moving, hiding the speed of how hard that shoulder is actually pounding into booths head..

his brain got RATTLED man... thats 45 games missed, months

and now he just his head rattled AGAIN?, yeah not as lethal as the first shot, but, the worst thing you can do after getting a serious concussion, is getting another god damn concussion, and MAN, i think his brain just bounced off the wall again at the WORST possible time, fresh off a devastating blow to the head, i think his career is in big trouble

i mean like it could be just another headache but, i personally, think that hit to the head was a pretty costly one for booth..

totally legal hit tho, its just funny this happens on the DAY they ban headshots, his previous headshot being a big reason FOr the rule change, and goes and gets a legal headshot and probably ruins his career..

you couldnt of written this ****

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