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03-26-2010, 04:52 AM
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[QUOTE=glenngineer;24715268]Have you been watching the guys since the Olympic break? His game has noticeably gotten better. Once someone labels a guy around here, others just follow on in and the label is never broken. Many people thought the same about Suter the last few years and while he wasn't elite at that time, he wasn't as bad as many were claiming him to be. He got the label so everyone just kept saying he wasn't very good or we should've picked Phaneuf. The crowd around here and the other main boards crack me up in this regard because a comment picks up steam and others run with it. I'm not saying Klein is god's great gift to the blue line but he sure is better than you're giving him credit for. I mean, we could give deVries a call and see what he's up to if you want to see everything you listed above about a defenseman come to fruition on the ice on a nightly basis. QUOTE]

Yes, I have been watching since the Olympics. I wouldn't say his play has been noticeably better. I remember at least two getting stripped from him around the net (one by Datsyuk) resulting in goals. And just about every game since the break, I've noticed multiple turnovers or poor reads that have resulted in quality scoring chances.

While I dont believe +/- stats are the best judge of a players abilities, looking at them between Klein and Franson since the break, Klein is a -1 with only an assist. Franson is a +3, with a GW goal and two assists. Granted Franson played three less games than Klein. I'm not saying Franson is a stud or blows Klein out of the water in defensive abilities, but for me I prefer Franson's game over Klein's. In reality is Klein that bad, no. But as I said in another post, his flaws are magnified by the players surrounding him.

I never heard the labels on Suter, I wasn't a member of this forum...but I will say I agree that alot of posters go with the labels and even more so on the hype placed on players.

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