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Originally Posted by mooseOAK
I can agree with that except for the small market part, the Leafs would still be the biggest market in the league..
With Boston and Chicago very close behind and that is the point that Leaf Army is making that Big Market owners are acting like small market teams in the current NHL ,and that is worse IMO then a team that can't do better then it currently is like Edmonton .. Who have maxed out filling the Seats and Ticket prices and still can only have a 32 million dollar payroll to break even ..

Originally Posted by mooseOAK
If that is defined as a team that can't compete financially on an ongoing basis when the salary structure is being set by the highest revenue teams then that means half the teams in the league are in a bad market. A cap will turn them into better markets, maybe even good ones.
You often see things as too Black or White IMO .. Sure capping the top teams or big market spending does control the top range .. but the bottom range is what we are talking about ... If Bettman's Robin Hood plan of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor via Revenue sharing was not factored in to any small or non-hockey market discussion what would be the test of a small market team??

Could a team survive without assistance from others financially is that true test IMO .. If Bettman sets the range at say 32 - 42 million .. I would not be concerned about the 42 figure as that is a non issue .. the $32 mil is the deciding factor ..

In fact I believe that the minimum range is more important then the max amount for the betterment of the Game .. Parity is the issue here .. Sure spending freely should be stopped but having teams with 16 - 22 million dollar payrolls is what is hurting the entertainment level of the NHL more .. What is the reason that these teams have this low payrolls .. Even if the Big Market teams have 65 million there really is no reason that ALL MARKETS should not have 32-35 million regardless ..Lots of UFA to go around to top up these teams ..

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