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03-26-2010, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by NomadFan View Post
I think it's a simple matter of style matchups. The Kings just don't seem to play well against teams that play a trap-style defense. I'm hesitant to say all-out trap, but the Kings would probably get shat on against that as well. No doubt the Kings have some really talented players, but when the other team doesn't give them space, they kind of fuddle around. It stifles their creativity and forces them to make "panic" plays.

Part of that is probably coaching. They're getting way too predictable, especially now that the Kings are using the dump and chase much more. Again, not very creative, and easily defended. It wouldn't be a problem, but they're getting beat to the puck and there really isn't any other approach to entering the offensive zone that the forwards or the defense try. They're being TOO systematic now, and the things that make them players aren't shining enough.

Also not enough puck movement in the offensive zone. Puck possession is one thing, but the forwards and the defense have a tendency to hold on for too long. I'd like to see more movement of the puck with decisive action, and not just "puck handle a bit and make the obvious play." They need to involve all 5 players, but when the Kings get the puck it's like only the 3 forwards are involved, and even they're only utilizing the area below the faceoff circles and behind the goal. Use the point shots dammit!
That's an excellent post.........
This is what the Kings are.

But prepare for beeing flamed..... you wrote that is a coaching issue...
and for sure we have 5 goals out of 13 PP. Everything must be ok
and there is nor reason change anything.

Sure... we have no 2nd line.. the 3rd line is a pure stopper line and the
4th line is usually a mix of guys who doesn't make an AHL roster.
But who cares... we have good stats and are almost a playoff lock

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