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03-26-2010, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by VickiUKHockeyFan View Post
Yeah, I'm 20 and currently learning the game (roller though) and wow is it tricky. I was never sporty at school but thought I'd like to get into this, so gave it a shot. One thing I CANNOT do at all, is skate backwards. I ice skate recreationally, and can do so on ice, but on wheels? No chance. And I thought, "Oh it's OK, I won't need it in a game, I can pick it up later." Played my first scrimmage last Saturday and BOY did I wish I could just throw it into reverse! I need help man! And the best/worst part is, I'm currently training with kids (it's a mixed group but not many adults can make it regularly) and they can skate circles round me!
To funny!

I started playing at age 44, I have some natural ability skating and had been skating on and off, roller and ice since I was 3, but the rest took time to learn. I'm just now becoming consistent with wristers and snapshots. and I'm just now developing a slapshot

When I say "natural ability skating" I still sucked wind in a game but it has helped me improve faster than some over the last 2.5 years.

Skate as often as you can and skate without the stick. just focus on doing one thing and do it until you get it right. then move on to the next thing you want to learn skating. Like first week learn to cross your right foot over your left in a turn then when you feel comfortable with that work on crossing over your left foot the other direction. crossovers will help you with backwards skating too.

Just make sure you are well padded and safe while working on skating.

Have fun!

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