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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
wait what? are those modified? cause my one95s have a white felt tongue and blue tuuk logo on teh holder with a 2.1 custom runner

ive noticed alot of pros that flop their tongues on their one95s have black tongues on tehm and mine have whte tongues
Mine are custom. Notice the double stitching and different eyelets. Also the old Supreme tongue and the upsized LS2 holder(retail would be a 288 holder, my holder is 296). Very common to see skates exactly like mine in the pros, not unusual requests done on the skates.

Originally Posted by deangamblin View Post
I think everyone needs to understand that every pro gets his gear custom or modified in some way.
Not exactly, most of the gear in the NHL is off the shelf. Pants, shins, elbows and shoulders are almost always pro line production which sometimes have mods done by the EQM. Helmets are pretty much off the shelf without modification besides stickers. Most sticks are stock pro patterns(Remember all those call up players don't get custom patterns. Plenty of pros that just order retail patterns also). Gloves are also similar to sticks, mostly stock designs but more options available.

Just to compare there is more than 15 pattern choices for Reebok sticks for pros. Typically there are a wide range of flexes available for pros also; 75, 85, 95, 100, 110, 120 from almost any company. Aaand, those options don't make it custom any more than someone ordering a one95, 87 flex P92 in right hand from hockey monkey.

Skates are almost always custom but many of those are basically just like the off the shelf skates... that are either just made on the pro/custom line and with or without a different holder(normally Tuuk).

Remember, when you think about hockey equipment, you often think about the superstars not the grinders and guys that are struggling to stay up "in the show." There are "Pro options" that might seem unique but it's just because it's not available at the retail level.

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