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02-10-2005, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
The Blue Jays were a large market team. They used to have the largest payroll in all of MLB.

What changed? Did Toronto all of a sudden shrink?
No, they couldn't compete financially as salaries started escalating, so now they are looking up at the teams that actually are large market.

I want an example of two American teams.
What's the difference? San Jose is a well managed team but they can't compete with the high revenue teams. Transport their management to Phoenix, Buffalo, Carolina, wherever and the situation will be exactly the same.
I'm not talking about whether they want cost certainty. Every team in the league does. They'd be stupid not to. In fact I'm not neccessarily arguing against a cap. I think if it's done right, a cap could work.

Back to my Detroit/ Chicago examples. Both teams are original six teams with strong traditions and both are in large markets

Detroit was not very good in the 80's. But Illitch put money into the team, he assembled great players, and he hired the best coach of all time. He's transformed Detroit into "Hockeytown USA".

Chicago went to the finals in the early 90's. The fans then had to watch as ownership let players like Belfour, Roenick and Chelios leave largely over money and go on to have many great years with other teams. Ownership is a joke, they go through coaches and GMs like crazy and they have trouble putting a competitive team on the ice.

As a result, fans slowly start to not come to games. Ownerships answer? Yank the home games off TV of course. That'll show those ungrateful fans.

Do you not see how backwards this is?

My concern is that Bettman's plans will allow owners to continue running their teams in this fashion. And that's unnacceptable. More than anything this is what will kill hockey in the States. The NHL will get left behind in the dust back in the stone ages.

During this whole lockout, people have painted the large market teams as evil and blamed them for causing this situation.

But honest question. Who has done more to grow hockey in the States? Illitch or Wirtz?
Again, there will always be good owners and bad owners. They can't stop having a cost certainty system that helps most of the teams stay alive just because Jacobs and Wirtz are around.

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