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09-27-2003, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
Colaiacovo is overrated by the many, many Leaf fans on this board.
I don't know if this comment is directed at me or not, but just to clairfy... I am not a leaf fan nor am I an unduly influenced by the leafs fans on this board or the fans of any other team.

My high ranking of Colaiacovo is based firstly on the fact that the poster is looking for point-production. Everything I have read (from Newspaper and Internet Articles, to The Hockey News' Future Watch, to Hockeys Future's top 50, to McKeen's profiles, etc...) has spoken highly of all 5 of the defensemen that I mentioned. But all of these sources have described Colaiacovo and Krajicek as offense-first defensemen, and the others (Eminger, Suter, Coburn) more as two-way defensemen. If all these young guys all develop right than it only stands to reason that the offensive specialists will get the most points in the NHL. Beyond the scouting reports there are also Junior statistics, WJC Statistics, and last-year's pre-season statistics to suggest that Colaiacovo has alot of offensive ability.

My other reason for ranking Kraijicek, Colaiacovo, and Eminger ahead of Suter and Coburn (who I agree have as much potential) is because they have had a couple of years since they were drafted to show what kind of players they are going to be. There is no way to know if Suter and Coburn are going to flop in the next two years, develop nicely like Krajicek, Colaiocovo, and Eminger have done, or storm the NHL and blow the other guys on the list away. I think to hope for anything more than steady solid development is wishful thinking (although possible).

So having laid out my reasons for ranking Colaiacovo ahead of Suter, I would like to ask you #37-#93-#27, why you say that Suter is "easily" the best.

Thanks for reading

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