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03-26-2010, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Woof View Post
Pronger makes the media work for him. He was on the radio here yesterday and the announcers were falling all over themselves talking about what a great guy he is because he talked to them during his lunch time. I missed the first part of the interview but they were saying that he leaves a lot of thing between the lines and they were speculating about the young guys on the team and how they think he feels they aren't working hard enough. Pronger knows EXACTLY what he's doing and he never says anything that makes him look bad, only hints at what's wrong with the rest of the team without naming anyone. Then the media gets all speculative and you know how that goes, they blame the young guys while Pronger wears a halo.

I know Richards isn't a good interview. It doesn't make him a bad captain and he was fine as captain last year so what's the difference? Who on this team is really a good interview other than Carcillo who really says what he feels? Pronger comes along and seems to me like a bull in a china shop and I think he needs to learn to watch his step when there is already a captain on the team.
GIVE CARCILLO THE C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/sarsacm]

Iuno i dont think anyone on that team has the balls to say what truely needs to be said. I wouldnt go on TV and call the guy who signs MY paycheck a retard for mismanaging the place, as much as I would LOVE to. This team plays some great hockey, and then terrible hockey. I wouldnt call out a co worker on TV either even if he is the reason buisness is suffering at his hands. Boucher has been awful. a few of those goals are fundamental saves but no one is gonna call the guy out on tv. Cant do that. Sometimes the cliche answers are the professional route. Now what we DONT see is whats said behind closed doors. Are the guys giving Boosh attitude for sucking? I would. Boucher knows hes been awful. I saw him today. Dudes down in the dumps. As for Richards I dont care what he says on TV, I care about what he says in the locker room and does on the ice. I think they played a winnable game against ottowa and minnesota. and they didnt. One can hope Richards pimp slapped carcillo for that turnover. All indications point to that he isnt doing that but who knows. if he was that bad im sure he woulda been stripped. That has to be demoralizing, and embarassing to be stripped as captain so id have to guess u suck at it to have that happen. /rant

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