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Originally Posted by happyhab View Post
Wow great info pokechecker....but my question was regarding a kid who seems to have great vision making excellent passes as a 7 year old, passes from his own end and connecting with a kid goalsucking at centre. I'm not a professional and this is not my field, but I assess that to be a kid who has excellent hockey sense, would you agree with this or is this common for kids??

Thanks for your post very informative
I don't know about 7 years old but if he stands out in the vision-category I would like to find out why. Maybe he did watch much more hockey-games than others in his age, maybe he has a dad who did teach him some sort of vision at a very early age. Maybe he played already tons of pond-hockey or something similiar. I definitely would be interested in this kid but mostly there are quite unspectacular answers about why he is so good in this aspect in such an early age. I definitely wouldn't project him yet but I definitely would love to watch him playing already. I love to watch exceptional things in hockey. Young phenoms, fastest players, most strong, most whatever. Even Mozart was not really as much of a boy-wonder as we would like to think, he had a Musician as father (Leopold Mozart) who was keen on doing drills with his son, Wolfgang. So Wolfgang became very good very young because of more and better practice than others. I guess you most probably can transfer this example to this 7 years old boy but you know him better so I'm very curious about your progress-report and findings from researching about him.

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