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03-26-2010, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Yes, I went through all his game logs.


And don't jump to conclusions. I didn't say Halpern has been solely responsible for the penalty kill. I said two things: 1) He has been solid on the penalty kill, 2) the Kings PK has been awesome since the trade deadline.

The conclusion is that Halpern has been contributing to that success. It doesn't matter more or less than Kopitar or Richardson or whoever, it only matters that he has been contributing his part and the kill has been working. This you simply can not deny.

Personally, I don't care the slightest bit how well Purcell is doing in TB. I wish him success, and won't be bothered or elated if he thrives or fails.

How well Purcell does in TB means absolutely nothing to the Kings, since as you have already admitted, he would still be a healthy scratch here.

Purcell's success in TB has nothing to do with Halpern's role here. Purcell putting up points in TB does not add or take away to Halpern's contributions here. Different players for different roles, and NEITHER player will ever be able to fill the others shoes.
Let's just agree to disagree. I'll take the first line winger who's re-energized a slumping superstar while playing fantastic and you can have the solid secondary penalty killer who I fail to even notice on the ice night after night. Trust me, when the season is over, this will be looked back on as the most lopsided deal from the trade deadline. And to boot, TB gets a pick. Like I said before, we all know Purcell wasn't going to cut it in LA. Too much of a defensive system for his offensive game. It's now thriving down in TB. Be happy for the guy. After all, he once was a member of the team that you cheer for.

The bottom line is, I just think Halpern has been a total non factor since he's come to LA. And No, those small minutes on the penalty kill really don't impress me in the least, in case you were wondering. If the best you can come up with is that "he's been solid on the PK" (which I think you worked out to just over 8 minutes. In essence, he plays a very minor part on the PK) then you've just proven how my point. Non factor.

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