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02-10-2005, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
That doesn't make sense. Are you trying to say that high salaries and the distinction between small and large market teams is a new phenomenon in MLB ?
Yes, 10 years ago the Yankees payroll wasn't four times that of the Blue Jays, the Red Sox three times.

Then the Blue Jays had a chance, $20 million in extra salary means that they spent more money but they still don't have a chance.

In Phoenix and Carolina you've just named two teams that are in poor markets.

I would like to see a new CBA that can give teams like San Jose a little push- no question. I'm not advocating the status quo.

But what Bettman wants is much too drastic.
What makes San Jose a better market than Phoenix or Carolina?
But this goes back to my original point.

Teams are not just handed success by virtue of their market. If Ballard was still around, the Leafs wouldn't be nearly as successful as they are now.

Conversely, if Illitch owned the Blackhawks and Wirtz owned the Red Wings, maybe Chicago would be "Hockey City USA" and the NHL would be suffering in Detroit.

No CBA can change that.
That's what i have been trying to say. Mismanaged teams will still be mismanaged teams. Well managed teams will benefit the most from a new CBA because they will have a better chance of keeping the players that they scout and develop.

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