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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
Haha, that is exactly why I DIDNT buy that one. Plus it would be pretty boring unless you are the guy shooting, and I don't always have someone willing to hold it for me. I figured I would drop an extra $20 and get a good quality one that runs itself. I am really happy with the Radar gun I got. You don't need anyone to run it, and from what I have read it is accurate when used properly. It is perfect for hockey, I think the manned ones are better for baseball

If anyone wants a radar gun this is the one I got, and if you put in this coupon HOWHCKY001 you get $10 off! extra bonus
+1 That is funny. They are both around the same price. I wish I knew that when I bought mine. But it doesn't get boring because the guy holding the gun always talks trash when you shoot. You just switch between shooting and radar.

There is also a radar gun puck out there Never used this so don't know if it's accurate or not. Amazing what you can find when you shop around the internet!

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