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02-10-2005, 04:19 PM
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NHL and Flyers Re: Draftee Status and 2005 Entry Draft

I directed a query today to Jamey Horan (NHL media relations director) and Joe Klueg (Flyers media relations director) to see if and when a timetable would be set to officially announce to the media its policy on the status of unsigned 2003 draftees as well as clarifying how an NHL draft would be conducted.

I didn't expect to get any concrete answers (how could there be?), but at least wanted to get statements on the subject.

Klueg said the Flyers had received no indication from the league and it was a league matter. But the short answer (of course) was that the status of the draft and prospect retention would to be tied to a CBA.

Horan said the NHL would address the issue to the media "at the appropriate time," but could not give a timetable.

What a mess. This has to make the jobs of NHL scouting departments almost impossible. Prospect evaluation is tough enough, let alone trying to strategize when there's no way to project where you'll be drafting and who'll be available in that range-- assuming you'll be drafting at all, in lieu of a CBA-- and how any 2003 draftees may fit in the mix.

This mess is yet another reason why the league should have set a CBA drop-dead date a long time ago.

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