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03-27-2010, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Yeah and I've criticized this quite a bit in previous weeks, but saying that right after the Flyers played an outstanding defensive game is a load of crap IMO. Say that after we struggle, not after we play great.

I do think some of that is a function of Boucher tbh, we go into a shell in the defensive zone because we're terrified of giving up SOGs so we just play tentative instead of aggressive like we were doing previously.

The problem IMO is that he's just diverting attention from the complete mismanagement of the goaltending position which he is virtually solely responsible for and which is costing us games.
Seriously give it a break. How many times do starting goaltenders get injured during the last run of games in the season, i'm positive you saw that leighton was going to get injured. I bet you saw the jeff was going to be injured too. Wait a sec, i bet you could of had pronger for Cote, Powe and a bag of pucks too right...... This forum seriously needs less sheep.

" holmgren is doing a fantastic job and everyone should be amazed at his ability", if we get enough people to say this i'm pretty sure 95% of the board will come around too. I'm so sick and fed up of fans making excuses for how the team is playing.

The is 18 guys left on the ice, why aren't they performing huh?

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