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03-27-2010, 06:43 AM
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I don't necessarily disagree with your assessment. Obviously there are weaknesses in Sass' game. But, I don't expect any 16-year-old to be complete players. At that age, the skills and the skating that Sass has can not be taught. Defensive awareness can be.

Now as we have discussed, the '93 year is one of the most talented in Danish hockey so it may be an exception to the rule, but in any given year in Danish hockey, it's very rare that more than say 3 or 4 players have a potential ceiling of becoming international players for Denmark. Looking at the strong points in Sass' game, I believe he is one of those players. Given the scarceness of talent in Denmark, I think the philosophy must be to focus on the players with the higher ceiling rather than the well rounded players with less potential. Please understand that this is my general philosophy on talent development in Denmark in general, and it is in no way limited to Sass.

I have seen the peak skill level in Sass' game and I believe that in time, if the rest of his game can be brought around, he has the potential to be a Denmark international. In fact, many of the best Danish international players in the past were nowhere near complete players and yet they played important roles on the Danish national team.

Off the top of my head I would mention players like Jens Nielsen, Heinz Ehlers, Ronny Larsen, Morten Green and Morten Madsen. All of them were/are players with serious deficiencies in their game. None of them ever became complete players and yet at their peak, they all were/are important players on the Danish national team.

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