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03-27-2010, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Cpt Zapp Brannigan View Post
If Letang's camp is refusing the 3.5m/yr deal, I have a feeling if a team sends him an offer sheet that pays him the money he wants, he'll sign it hoping Ray Shero matches, at that point, would any of us want Ray to match that offer?

I'd be tempted to take the picks and let the team over pay him. I have a feeling once the playoffs are over, Ray will talk to his camp and if they can't work out a deal before July 1st, he'll be traded and another team will have his rights while Shero gets something in return rather than a bunch of picks that might not really help a team that is looking to contend every year. His back-up move would be to re-sign Gonchar but if Sarge wants that 3-4yr deal, I'd rather Ray went after Volchenkov and kept Leopold and Eaton around with Orpik, Goligoski and I guess, Lovejoy.

I hate how much power the players have sometimes, with their contract negotiations, no way in hell do I think Gonchar deserves more than 2yrs, at his age, he's a risk player. If he declines or gets hurt often, the team is then stuck with his contract, him on the IR and the inability to pick up another player. I'd rather have a player that won't handcuff the team. With or without Gonchar, the powerplay hasn't looked consistently decent anyways, I'd rather see Geno and Gogo at the point than dump 4m+ at a guy that is getting up there in age and might hurt the team from signing a better top 6 winger (Zherdev, thank you).
This is the way I'm starting to feel. The powerplay has sucked all year and maybe it's time Shero implodes the defense and starts looking for new guys.

If Letang wants more then 3.5M then maybe we should trade him away for a guy(s) that will fit what we are looking for. Or let someone throw an insane contract at him and take the picks. Either way, maybe Letang is not going to fit into the puzzle after this season. And if Gonchar, who is injured about 25% of the year nowadays, wants more then 2yrs... bye bye.

Bottom line, Shero has to do what he thinks is right for this team and I have a feeling signing Letang to 4+M deal is not what he has in mind.

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