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03-27-2010, 09:19 AM
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When Howie Meeker says that he hated somebody (he says it about a few folks) there's usually a large measure of respect in the use of the term.

Lindsay was definitely an old school, hardboiled hockey superstar. I think of him as a much more talented Bobby Clarke type but who did not need the rest of the roster to finish what he started. His leadership extended beyond the ice too.

Was there a more unlikely fellow to rally the other NHLers in an attempt to get a better deal for all? Ted Lindsay, one of the league's superstars and best-paid players and also a successful businessman in his off-hours, did not stand to gain personally in any way from the proposed association. Many of today's players could use a little of his Lindsay's integrity

Johnny Wilson and Bill Dineen, both guys who went on to just about everything there is to do in the hockey world, have mentioned how he took them out to dinner during their early days with the Red Wings and made sure they felt that they were full members of the team.

Sprague Cleghorn belongs on a list of his own as far a dirty play goes. You can make the argument that he was certifiable and it probably would have served the game better if he had been banned for life or locked up.

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