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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Good. I don't understand why everyone harshes on Homer so bad. The only real mistake that I have seen him make is the Randy Jones blunder. Briere's contract looks bad now, but at the time it wasn't that outrageous. Hartnell is underachieving, that is not Homer's fault. Emery was playing well until injured, not Homer's fault. The Pronger trade was a great trade (you'd really rather have a guy that is playing in the WHL, and a couple draft picks than a hall of fame defender?). The cap situation is tight, and I know there are contending teams that have space, but with this team the only way that we could have gotten a real goalie was to overpay and risk losing a key piece of the team. Homer isn't perfect, but few are. You think anyone else would have done something different? The Flyers thought they were one piece away from the Cup and Homer went out and got a HOF guy to be that piece. If the Flyers stood pat with Sbisa and Lupul and kept those picks do you really think this team would be in a better position? That would have left us with roughly the same amount of cap space and a pretty ugly defense.
And they thought wrong. It's a pretty big miscalculation to go from contender to out of the playoffs. The person who is in charge at least needs to answer with it. I promise you all no matter what Snider says (I'm sure it will be something similar and I'm fairly confident that Holmgren won't get fired even if they lose out), but they'll be up against it. Snider doesn't like missing the playoffs, he fired his son because he kept doing it, and Clarke left when it was evident it was going to happen, and Clarke was fired the first time because the team was in decline.

This is the new-NHL. The risk involved in "**** it we're going for it this year" doesn't work anymore with the salary cap. You don't see other contending teams constantly peddle away draft picks because they're "trying to win."

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
what did clarke say as i do not recall at tis moment. They have been a standard of mediocrity for a long long time now. $ is whats important now. They hav eno pulse on how the fans really feel imo. the on ice product sucks
Something about Clarke claiming he wasn't that involved in that off-season and Holmgren did most of the work.

Originally Posted by CannonMTG View Post
Lukko's son is in the draft this year...he probably has an agreement worked out with Homer, so I'm sure we'll see him **** canned after the draft
How do you draft players without any draft picks?

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