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02-10-2005, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by mooseOAK
Yes, 10 years ago the Yankees payroll wasn't four times that of the Blue Jays, the Red Sox three times.

Then the Blue Jays had a chance, $20 million in extra salary means that they spent more money but they still don't have a chance.
Whether or not you think the Blue Jays can compete this year is besides the point. The Yankees spent over $100 million more on player salaries than the Jays did last year. We don't have anything close to that in the NHL.

That being said, you originally brought up the Blue Jays because you seemed to be implying that they're a small market team and nothing can be done about it. But I showed you that they were indeed capable of being a large market and were for many years.

Originally Posted by mooseOAK
What makes San Jose a better market than Phoenix or Carolina?
I don't know.

Originally Posted by mooseOAK
That's what i have been trying to say. Mismanaged teams will still be mismanaged teams. Well managed teams will benefit the most from a new CBA because they will have a better chance of keeping the players that they scout and develop.
Scout and develop prospects? You're still talking about management from a player development standpoint which I am not and never have been.

I'm talking about management from a business standpoint.

You seem to be buying right into Bettman's assurance that this lockout is about improving the game. Which it obviously is not.

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