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03-27-2010, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexander Edler View Post
Hey guys. I remember seeing an engineering thing on here a few weeks back, so I thought I'd ask a few quick questions myself (even though I'm new here and know none of you).

Anyways, I'm on the fence on whether to pursue engineering next year or life sciences. I love biology, I enjoy both chemistry and maths, and I can deal with physics. But, like, life sciences is such a broad term, and so is engineering is some cases. So, yeah.

Just wondering if any of you that are in either of these programs (or any specific branch of them) could let me know how you like your classes, campuses, communities, etc. Any feedback would be nice. I got accepted to life sci at U of T, and engi at Mac and U of T (only mining engi right now, waiting for response from track one), so any info on those would be extremely nice too.

Thanks guys.
If you are really from Toronto, don't ever come to UofT St-George for undergrad. There's nothing else to say unless you want to work way harder for a lower CGPA.

Yes, UofT's life sci and engineering are the hardest (not necessarily the best in engineering) in the country. Go to Mac or UW and don't think back. I wish someone told me this before I decided to come to Toronto for UofT St-George. Most of my TA's aren't even from UofT.

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