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02-10-2005, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Stephen
A business is a business is a business. If a business (an individual team) is losing millions of dollars a year because there is no demand for its product in its market, then its owners shouldn't be in the business. They shouldn't be looking to limit the operations of successful businesses and their abilities to improve their product.

That said, I think small market teams can survive and compete in a league without a salary cap, and that winning isn't dependent on spending lots of money. New Jersey (1995) Florida, Calgary, Buffalo, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Anaheim have all proven during the life of the last CBA that small budget teams can make it to the finals and win in some cases. The New York Rangers prove that spending money doesn't guarantee Cup wins.

I refuse to believe for a second that any team has lost money on a regular basis over the past several seasons. The Edmonton Oilers, for example, have been crying poor since the late '80's and threatening to move. They've been selling off their stars since that time, and that was when the average NHL payroll was probably somewhere around $5 million. Yet somehow they will be alright in a league with a salary cap of $30-$44 while paying in the exact same facility? Hmmmm...
I agree that business is business... that's exactly why the owners are doing what they're doing now. They're trying to create an environment where they can all do okay.

Unfortunately I have to disagree with your Oilers annalogy...

Peter Pocklingon, the former owner of the oilers was going to sell the team to someone from out of town... a group of local owners stepped in and bought the team and saved it. Since then they have repeatedly stated that they wanted a CAP like system, in part cause it will help them retain the players that we've developed and that would, in turn allow them to raise ticket prices to create more revenue. On another point, we haven't 'sold off' any players for years... we've been forced to trade quite a few of our fellows cause we knew that we would have to pay WAY too much to keep them.

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