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Originally Posted by Korpicowski View Post
I guess you dont watch much hockey? New to the game? This is either a very biased or uneducated/ignorant statement.

In your estimation, who is the best goalie in the league? I guarantee I can post some videos of soft goals by him.
so you think the best goalie in the league gets beat by a horrible shot at a terrible angle in one of the most significant of games. very biased... i laugh at you. i love henrik but im not the one all over his junk like you are. i'm objective enough to know that he does give up to many softies and imo hes not the best goalie in the league. so are you new to the game? because there is a guy named ryan miller who was the mvp out of anybody in the olympics and out played henrik in their last game together at the garden. i even think luongo is better.

uneducated/ignorant statement.... if henrik is saying he needs to play better is he ignorant too? he would be... check that, WAS the 1st person to say that the goal was horrible. if you think henrik is the best goalie in the league thats fine with me, but if your going to call me ignorant for thinking differently i can just the same call you a homer.

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