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03-28-2010, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by JSaq View Post
Really? In terms of putting teams on the ice he's done great?

2007-08 the team he put on the ice finished in sixth place, after a late season ten game losing streak prompted rumors that the coach was on the verge of being fired. Last year, they blew home ice on the last day of the season. This year, they will need luck and a couple plane crashes to make the playoffs.

The only sustained success his team has had is when an average goalie caught fire for a few weeks during the 2008 playoffs.

Let's look at the team he's assembled. There's talent, sure. There better be, because he's paying out $60mm in salaries. But does the talent fit? He's got a guy with a $6.5mm cap hit playing out of position on the RW. He's got a guy who is best suited as a third line agitator playing on a line with a multi-time all star and the face of the franchise.

Talent without worrying about the cohesion is great for fantasy teams. This is the real deal, where you have to actually worry about how the talent assembled fits together.

In that regard, Paul Holmgren's been a mediocre GM, at best.
Those last few paragraphs fall more under cap management then anything which I've already criticized him for.

As for putting good teams on the ice:

-Rebuilt the team in one year then went on to:

-Go to the ECF. Then:

-Lost in six games to the Cup champs (who many think we outplayed). I can see how you could say this was a little disappointing, but I don't see it that way.

-Like I said, this year he put a good team together (which they've shown before), but it's just been one massive cluster-**** of a season in so many ways, most of which you can't blame him for.

This season is massively disappointing in terms of where we thought we would be going into the season compared to where we are now, but a lot of what's gone wrong this season has either been unpredictable or flat-out bad luck. Only real qualms I have with the team he put together is not getting a third line center (which, I admit, going into the season I wasn't sure if it would be a problem or not) and not getting a more reliable backup (which is kind of hard to blame him for because his options were limited IIRC).

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