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03-28-2010, 03:22 AM
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I hate this team so much. I am a die hard fan, have been for over a decade, but I just can't continue to root for mediocrity season after season. Something has to give somewhere. We have a franchise forward and goaltender in their primes; its a shame that their good years are going to waste.

Anyone who thinks that this team is making the playoffs is kidding themselves. I haven't seen this squad so inept at the fundamentals of the game quite like this season's. This team turned the puck over more than the worst team in the Eastern Conference this season. Think about that for a minute. Playoffs? This team as a collective unit outside of Lundqvist and Gaborik can't even hold Ovechkin's jock strap, let alone the entire Washington Captials team.

Get a good, young player this draft that can make an impact quickly (Kabanov anyone?). Let the kids develop, dump Redden by any means possible, and spend that money as best as you can to get some sort of secondary offensive threat for Gaborik and a defenseman that can actually clear the crease and not take any ******** (Volchenkov please).

Excuse my drunk rant, but this is how I really feel. If the players of this organization really care about the team's future, they should take it into account in the last few games of the season. It's a shame that many of them are to prideful to go out, play half-assed, collect their overinflated paychecks, and still ***** and moan to the beat reporters to write something nice about them, and not about the team being in a lottery position. Give me a ****ing break. How about earning the right to have something nice written about you, instead of losing to the worst team in the conference in what was perhaps the most important game of the season. **** off. This team from the owners all the way down to the players can go to hell.

Once again, I apologize for the tirade. I hope that despite being a bit inebriated, that I make some sort of sense.

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