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03-28-2010, 02:54 AM
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Atlanta plays Carolina before us and if they win that, Wednesday's even bigger. Friday at Philly is the biggie and knowing our play at home this year- dull and uninspired- and our record in important games, plus against Buffalo in general, we could be actually just 2 points up on 9th or squared. I wonder if Price starts the Philly game. It's a scary weekend ahead after the Carolina game for sure. Luckily we end with visits to the Isle and Carolina and a home game with the Leafs. I'd be content with 8th right now. The sickening thing is that we see just how uninspired this team is when everyone's healthy. Where's the heart? Oh yeah, we only show it when Cammy or Bergeron is out. So many passengers doing nothing at the big time this year.

AK's a scapegoat but he is one of many and some are worse offenders (Lapierre, Hamrlik) and some just need to step it up more (AK, his bro, Gill). Without Metro, we might actually try now? But look up at the teams 1-5 in the East and you'll note we've got a losing record against nearly all of 'em. At least it's cut and dry this season: We are not an Eastern elite and are nowhere close to it. So we should stop thinking and wishing for it and hope this team somehow has an extra gear for the playoffs that we've yet to see. Sadly that 6 game win streak might've been the peak. I still think we're playoff-bound but 6th might be stretching it considering the pivotal losses we've been piling up.

And no matter the goalie we put in, we will be outplayed by a superior team and be constantly outmuscled, outworked along the boards, pushed around and victimized in our own zone. And our coaching staff is doing nothing to curtail it. It's a finesse team playing defense-first and a soft team trying to play gritty. Sorry Martin, that ain't gonna cut it. Really, unlike in 2006 and 2004 when I saw some heart, I don't think we can get much more out of the 09-10 Habs. We'll have our lowest point total in seven years if we don't win 4 of our remaining 6, yet that still might be good enough for playoffs... this time around. How many years have the Habs backed in on the final week?

2004- Lost 3 of last 5, clinched playoff spot with an OT loss at Boston
2006- Lost final 2 games, clinched spot when Atlanta lost to underdog Washington 6-4.
2007- Lost final 2 games to blow 8th spot and miss the playoffs by 2 points
2008- No problemo this time
2009- Lost last 5 games, clinched spot with OT loss at Boston
2010- ???

Is it too much to ask to go into the playoffs on a winning tear?

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