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03-28-2010, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
This is not a thread about Emery. I liked Emery from the get-go, but his career is likely over. It's unfortunate, but that's the reality of hockey. Take it somewhere else.

Sadly, I agree. I'm happy to see him recognized, but I don't want anything bad to happen to him.
You really have to be in complete control 10% of the time don't you? You tell people who disagree with you to take a hike, you tell people who mention Emery in a Goaltending thread to take a hike....relax.

At this point in the season to be going through the problems the Flyers have, if they make the playoffs, which is a big "IF", they would be lucky to win a game.

The fact remains, that while everybody is genuinely happy that the Flyers managed to find what appears to be a decent goaltending prospect to help out over the stretch run, there is obvious dislike towards Holmgren because he let it come to this.

To say that Emery wasnt a locker room risk "because he has done fine here" is childish. A risk is something that may/maynot happen. The flyers got lucky with that risk and Emery did well in the locker room, as well as on the ice.

Holmgren should have had some body of better caliber then Boucher behind him. If you cant agree with that then you should be fired from any hockey related job you have. Leighton has since come in and taken the spot from Boucher, Backlund was going to steal the spot from boucher, and now a college kid with zero NHL experience heading into the most important part of the season is going to take the job from Boucher.

For Holmgren to look at himself in the mirror on deadline day and think that barring no Injury Leighton and Boucher could take this team to the cup would have been a joke. Because he wasnt PROACTIVE instead of the typical reactive approach he takes, this team will likely miss the playoffs.

If thats okay with a Hockey's Future staffer then i suppose is must be the generalm train of thought for the rest of the hockey world, you know, seeing as your opinion is the only valid one and all.....

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