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03-28-2010, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
And I think I found out what it was. Check out these numbers from the past three games:

3/24 @ Col ... Kings took 31 shots that were blocked or missed the net, the Nordiques took only 21
3/25 @ StL ... Kings took 32 shots that were blocked or missed the net, the Blues took only 13
3/27 @ Dal ... Kings took 30 shots that were blocked or missed the net, the North Stars took only 17

In the last three games, the Kings have directed 184 shots at the opponents’ net, and 93 shots -- over 50% of them -- haven’t required the goalie to make a save. Not coincidentally, the Kings have a grand total of 5 goals in the last three games.
These stats show exactly why Murray's "offense" doesn't work in the new NHL. You can't just have your defensemen stand at the blue line and fire shots at the net. You need to have all 5 players skating in the offensive zone to make the defenders chase and open up shooting lanes. Keeping 2 of your players static at the blue line allows the defending team to setup shop in the middle of the zone and deflect the 3 forwards to the outside and clog up the shooting lanes. Even when the Kings get a good cylce going, there isn't anyone skating through the slot or dropping down for a backdoor play.

Watch other playoff teams, they do this all of the time. They use all 5 players on the ice in the offensive zone.

The Kings have Doughty, yet they almost never use him correctly in the offensive zone. Haven't you noticed that when Doughty does jump into the attack, the forwards mostly have no idea where to go? Remember when Doughty was below the net to support the forwards on attack and then drifted into the slot for a one-timer? Remember when he actually got the pass and scored? Yeah, that is what needs to happen more, but Murray's "system" isn't setup for this style of attack.

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