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03-28-2010, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by HandshakeLine View Post
Hah, I remember that. And that was before the NHL really started keeping good hit stats, so he couldn't even point to those and say "look, this is what I do, and I'm good at it!"

And, as I brought up in another thread, I think there's a lot more $4 million or more can bring us in terms of the blueline. If Letang really is set on getting that much or more, he's probably not going to get it here.

I'd rather take that $4 million and use that plus some money scrimped from other parts of the roster to pull in someone more established in the top 4 role, like Volchenkov.
Not me, Letang is only 22 years old and still can get much better. Most Dmen are not even in the NHL at that age and don't reach their potential until around 26.

I really believe we could be kicking ourselves if we let Letang go for a 1st and a 3rd. Unless that pick is a top 5 overall and we are assured some stud draft pick I think that would be a mistake. Also, for a team that is trying to win it all each year it still is not worth it to me. Gonchar could be gone this summer and we need Letang and Gogo's offensive production if that happens. Volchenkov is a very good defensive dman and I would love to have him but I don't think we would have enough offensive punch coming from that blue line.

Do you really want to go into next season without Gonchar and Letang next season. Lets just say we resign Leopold, I still don't think that is enough offensive skill in the back end. Letang is one of our best in his own end and he is only 22 years old and his offensive abilities are pretty easy to see. I believe Letang will be a 50+ point dmen in the near future and if Gonchar leaves I believe it could happen next season. I would like to have Letang and Gogo as our #1 PP dmen for the long term. We need to keep our young core and not delute from the core.

We gave Whitney a 5 year $4 million a year deal and while he had that one good offensive year his defensive skills were below average. Letang is not worth that much yet but for a long term deal I can't see him taking less than that. His D is pretty good now at 22 and if he does start putting up high 40's/low 50's he would be under paid for that production. No way he locks himself up for that many years for less than that. Whitney proved to not be worth it because he stopped developing and the same could happen to Letang. When you want to sign a player not in his prime yet to a long term deal it has to be on future projected abilities and not on present day output. Letang would be a fool to sign a long term deal at this point for what he is worth at present day.

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