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02-11-2005, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephen
Well, I'm really just referring to the Oiler's "we're in financial trouble and we'll have to leave town if things don't change" mantra that they've been repeating for a while now. I know the Pocklington situation was more of a individual financial issue, but it still true that they have been saying that NHL hockey is an endangered species in the small markets. They were struggling with a $10 million payroll in 1996, yet they've been able to soldier on with inflated costs throughout the years.

But my real point is that I don't believe the owners. I fail to see how any small market team is going to magically be able to survive with a $30-$45 million cap, or how this certainty will allow these owners to raise prices when these small market teams are collectively losing hundreds of millions of dollars with budgets significantly lower than those of today and of the past decade. If Nashville, for example, is having a hard time with a payroll in the mid $20 million range, what help is a $33.7 million cap as mentioned above?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the prescribed solution put forth by Bettman and the owners doesn't really seem to solve the problems they're claiming are there. It leads me to believe that they just want a bigger piece of the pie, which isn't wrong on its own, but it is hard to ask for.
Thanks for your response... honestly, I've never understood the PA sympathizer's arguements and your response is the best I've ever received from that perspective. Honestly, if you don't belive the owners there really isn't all that much I can do to convince you otherwise anyway so we'll leave that at that.

Although, I will respond to a psudo question you had in your post. I think that when it comes to sports fans, a great deal of support and enthusiasim (and therefore revenue) is generated from the psycological belif that their team has a chance and fights hard. Unfortunately, most people in Edmonton don't think our team has a chance as we trade away a great number of our best players to other teams since we don't have the cash to keep them. True, we won't get any new cash from a hard CAP alone but a CAP will force salaries downward and we would be able to keep more of our guys (although probably not all). By keeping more of our guys, I think a lot of Edmonton fans will be more supportive of the team, in part cause we might think that we have a better chance at winning.

Once again, thank you for your post.

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