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02-11-2005, 12:31 AM
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I'm not a PA sympathizer, I just can't stand rhetoric, and I think the players are more honest when it comes to their position of wanting to protect their earning potential as opposed to the bull the owners are trying to sell to everybody.

I understand where you're coming from as an Edmonton fan. Barely scraping into the playoffs and getting knocked out in the first round is not fun, and keeping your veterans would certainly help. It's just that in a market like Edmonton's, the team is already making as much money as it can with sellout crowds and great fan support etc. doesn't really stand to benefit too much from a better team with more success that a salary cap provides in an economic sense. The Oilers are still writing cheques for the same amount of money and they make the same amount of money.

And in regards to Edmonton specifically, I think some of the trouble lies in the fact that the Oilers aren't built to win so much as to be basically competitive. Instead of rebuilding from the ground up like other small market division leaders and powerhouses like Vancouver, Ottawa, or Tampa Bay, who sort of aim to put together a bunch of young players of the same age group together and grow to contender status, the Oilers make piece meal renovations that keep them mediocre. Also, they've been pretty bad at the draft table for most of the '90's which doesn't help.

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