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03-28-2010, 01:45 PM
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Dumpand chase is not a style............ board cycling is not a style.......
wraping around 65 times per game is not a style.....

all what you guys including me, are complaining about
are tools.........
Tools to bypass any opponents defense. And there are many tools left.
This is actually what i'm complaining about.

A tool is just to be used for a special problem.
You can't use a wrench to put a nail in.... sure you can, but a hammer is better suited for that.
Ass soon as you use always the same tool as soon will a problem pop up you can't
Banging in a nail is one thing but drilling hole is impossible with a wrench.
But on a big picture, without a construction plan you can't finish your project.

As long as we use just the cycling mode and wrapping around as our only tools
without a construction plan,
we will never adapt to the other teams with a half smart coach.

That bings me to the next problem, we are always just adapting and adjusting....
we are never the guys who force the other guys to adjust,
We have to overpower anb overrun the opponents lines so much
the other teams has to desperatly search for a tool.
We have the players for that, we have the players to drive the opponents defens crazy, we have the player to overpower.........
Our PP could be a leathal weapon with a Johnson-Doughty blue line.
Other teams would kill to get players like that.

But we are just doing our small little things an try to do them right.
We don't care about our possibillitys, we are happy with our small little
healthy world..................

As in life....... that will lead to not more than be mediocre.

Everyone here is complaining about my hate to TM...
but i always try to point out, this is no hate....
i just disagree with TM is doing to this high talented, strong, big, offensive team.

For me, this is not just a question of missing playoff or get beat 4-0 in a first
For me, TM is doing a huge damage to a young well talented team and i'm afraid
this is damage no one later is able to repair.
We had huge trouble to beat that **** out Kopitar and Co, who had mentor clowns like Thornton and Armstrong.

As well this post is way to long, but i'm rwally concerned about the future of this team.
I bleed purple and black since 2300 years, this is the only thing i want
and what i'm living for.
I don't wanna have this destroyed by a clow who played hockey 800 years ago
and tries to punch this system into a young team who just grew out of baby age
and learn the basic things.
For talents like Kopitar, Doughty, Quick, Brown, Schenn etc......
the fines coaches are barely enough...... the fines facilities are barely enough....
the finest management is barely enough
........ we offer mediocre stuff at best and expect the finest stuff...

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