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09-27-2003, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd
4. The bottom line is that no team has won the Stanley Cup with a goalie playing in his first post season. That's the catagory that Aebischer falls into. Without even considering Detroit getting in front of Colorado with Hasek in net anyway, Colorado still will have to find a way past goalies that are better and more experienced in Stanley Cup play.
Apart from Roy. But that aside this you are forgetting something. Pretty much no serious cup contender uses a rookie goalie, meaning that the chances of a rookie goalie winning the cup is small. Does that mean all goalies who never played in the playoffs before are crap? Of course not.

Of course a Brodeur is great having when going into a playoff. But there is a myth that goalies without playoff experience can't play well in the playoffs. Roy did it. Giguere did it. Hedberg did it. Burke did it. I am sure there are tonnes more goalies that played well in their first NHL playoff. Assuming anyone will crumble just because they haven't played a NHL playoff is silly. The real test for Aebischer is the regular season. If he shows he can play the part during regular season, who knows.

There are plenty of teams with veteran goalies that has terrible goalkeeping in the playoffs. Does that mean goalies with playoff experience are bad? Nope. Of course not. Goalkeeping isn't everything. The team has to play a very good overall game to win the cup. Brodeur is a class goalkeeper, but when he has won the cup he has had a class team playing class hockey in front of him. Sometimes people seem to lose perspective of that.

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