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Originally Posted by no name View Post
I meant most dangerous PP dman. He's more dangerous than Doughty in my opinion. Jack creates more scoring chances per alotted time than any of the people we've had at the point.
Seriously, touting Jack Johnson's "creativity" and then knocking Modin for bad decision making is about the most backwards, ridiculously wrong statements you will ever see on this or any other hockey board.

Jack Johnson. The man who, while on the point on the PP, decided to take a slap shot horizontally across the ice towards the half boards just two games ago. You want to defend this guy?

JJ does almost nothing right. He holds on to the puck just past the last possible second to make the right play, then turns it over. He peels off of breakout plays to regroup for no apparent reason. He can't hit the net from 50 feet out. He tries to shoot it thru players instead of moving the puck quickly, and avoids wrist shots like they were the plague.

He is the worst possible player to put out on the PP right now because he doesn't use his teammates. They have no faith that he will make the smart, simple play. Scuderi, who has almost no offensive ability at all is a better choice because at least he will keep it simple and follow the system.

Now Modin does everything "right". He's strong on his stick, strong on the puck, plays hard, grinding hockey and ALWAYS makes smart decisions. That is just about the only part of his game that is still in effect after all these years and injuries - no speed, doesn't get to spots to use his cannon, but he always moves the puck forward and into positions where his teammates can keep the play moving.

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