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02-11-2005, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by richardn
AH mister plus/minus man. This is a statistic that can be very decieveing some times. Wilm's line is not out there to light up the score sheet. He is out there most of the time to protect leads. He has done a very good job in his role if you ask me or Shedden for that matter. I have seen every home game this season either live or on tv and every game televised on the road. Trust me Wilm is by far the best defensive player on the team. This is why he will replace Fitzy when the NHL starts back up on the 4th line of the Leafs.
Wilm SHOULD be their best defensive player, by leaps and bounds. He's a capable NHL defensive player. The only thing I noticed about him in a couple televised games is his lack of effort. I guess that makes him like Druken, except Druken has made a career of it, Wilm occasionally does it. Both these players will get what they deserve, Wilm a scrub spot in the NHL, and Druken a sometimes local hero in the AHL.

Who knows about Steen. However, I've read comments from his coaching praising the non stop effort he puts into his game. I haven't seen it, just read it, but that isn't something I've ever heard about Druken, and that could be the big difference why Steen becomes a full time NHLer before Druken ever gets back there.

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