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02-11-2005, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Vedder19
Well, I was thinking more that I was bored and tire of this lockout and would love to see some hockey in the near future. I was just trying to come up with a basis for a new league that would be differant than a lottery draft. So I figured if we started a league based on "seniority" it might make it a little more interesting.

May I ask what team you follow?

But let me guess first...Montreal? If that is the case than I understand why you are so eager to squash a Maple Leaf fans idea. But what I don't understand is, if my idea did come to fruition than Montreal and Toronto would get 1st and 2nd pick, so you could retool your team as well. And you should be worried, your team has sucked..what, the last 5 years...easy. Toronto may be getting up there in age, but
they have always found a way to stay competitve...unlike Montreal.
Yes it's true I'm a Montreal fan. My response to your idea was short not because I wanted to offend you, just because of my bad english(I'm Polish). But I was fallowing your posts and you're always seem to look for an opportunity to "rebuild" Maple Leafs proposing trades that are impossible to accept from other teams point of view. I'm not a Leaf-hater and I'm not a homer. Actually guys like Sundin and Mogilny are making hockey so exiting sport in my eyes. Montreal Canadiens don't need to "retool" 'cause they were doing this for some time already and the process is almost over. I know that Maple Leafs have found the way to stay competitive, and believe me or not, I was hoping that they win the Cup. And by bashing Canadiens you won't change my opinion that you are trying to replace veterans by rising stars immediately and without paying any price that comes during the rebuilding process. Pffff I hope I'm not so hard to understand

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