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02-11-2005, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Vagabond
Here's why I think it's reasonable. What are the players union affraid of, that their proposal will fail? If their proposal had any grounds, why would they be affraid? they are given the opportunity to run the NHL without a salary cap. take the deal and run with it, and succeed in making the NHL stronger.. by all means. If they fail, then the NHL will step in and enforce their proposal. What more could you ask for. As long as they can keep the players from exceeding more than 55% of the leagues revenue.
There's nothing for them to be afraid of. It's common knowledge that their proposal won't have a chance to prove it'll work.
Even Burke acknowledges that. This opportunity that you speak of will be nullified the minute they start skating. Even with the 24% rollback more than 3 teams will be above $42 million, trigger. There'll be more than 33% payroll disparity between the top 3 teams and the bottom 3 teams, trigger. The NHL's own calculations in their rejection of the PA's proposal had the PA at 56.6% of the league revenues with the 24% rollback, trigger. The NHL in the same rejection showed that total NHL player costs for 04-05 would be immediately 1.2064 billion which averages out to $40.21 million per team, trigger.

So, how exactly can the PA prove their system works when it isn't given a chance to get off the ground in the first place. The only thing that happens is that the owners get the advantage of the full 24% rollback on top of their induced system. The PA's proposal is workable when some major revisions are made to it. IMO, it has been the only negotiable offer since talks began.

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