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09-27-2003, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
Then that could go for ALOT of players in the NHL. I don't like how the players operate one bit, BUT I don't think that just because they hold out they become Prima donnas (sp)!!!! Comrie is a good guy, he's good in the community, all that kinda stuff. People in Detroit, or where ever, calling Comrie a selfish whiner is funny. WAY OFF. But Funny.
when we get right down to it.. who the **** cares about a few hundred thousand when he does so much for the community, has fun, loves his city, is comfortable.. etc.. it's the same **** weight did...

greedy ***** ..

Originally Posted by Malmo_Mike
perhaps I should have worded it differently...yes he is whining about money so I guess you could call him a whiner in that sense....but people seem to think that he's that kind of player in the dressing room and on the ice.
in that case i'd partly agree with you.. holding out has nothing negative automatically attached when the player walks into the dressing room, other then resentment from the other players... but, that isn't the player's (who held out) fault, it's the guys that are focussing on that.. rather then the game...

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