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03-28-2010, 08:54 PM
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Eye issues (different than other eye thread)

I was wondering if anyone here plays with eye issues involving their vision while playing? I mean more than the obvious wearing contacts or glasses.

I'll be dealing with my own sight issues soon as it pertains to hockey. I was diagnosed with a vitreous detachment

and have floaters as well as Cortical Cataracts. The cataracts eventually will prevent me from driving at night and will require surgery to replace the lenses with artificial ones or else I will eventually go blind as my lenses become opaque.

Right now my vision is 20/20 the eye doctor told me but I use reading glasses. I am over 40 though so not a surprise and was told I had gray hair for my eyes as she put it.

Right now I see halos around bright object at night and some starbusrting of headlights etc. I see 3 traffic lights like a green light overlapped on itself due to the knife like imperfections in my eye lens. I also see two times on a bright led digital clock overlapping each other, one dim and one normal.

Bright rooms look like the room is smokey.

Hasn't bothered me for hockey so that is good. Only lit up bright objects cause troubles.

My eyes are on course to do this in other words.

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