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03-28-2010, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Seanconn View Post
so you have felt tongues in your skates?

Buddy, i've been skating since I was 2 years old. Been playing hockey since I was 5. judging by your posts, your more worried about having your skates look like your a pro then actually skating like a pro. all style no substance

flopping your tongues out to an extreme with a: wear out your tongues. b: probably mean your not tying your skates tight enough and c: likely make you lean forward a little too much (that extra pressure leaning into the tongue of your skate will affect how well you can stay on your edge when making sharper turns or pivoting from forwards to backwards) and don't even get me started on how it would affect your backward skating.

Could I still skates 95% as well as I do with my skates tied how I usually tie them? yes. but the motives behind doing this are nothing but superficial.. which is lame, imo.

my opinion is that if your worried about skating to the best of your abilities tie your skates properly. If you aren't and are just worried about looking as cool as possible while playing, do whatever the **** you want. But don't attack my credentials when im just trying to give someone my honest advice here.
Buddy, you have no idea where I've played or how long I have been doing it. If I was as worried about impressing people on a message board as you are, I would brag about how long I've been skating and the teams I've played for, but I'm not.

I'm not sure if you can't read or aren't smart enough to figure out what has been said, but the tongue of the skates folds over the top lace. Its not a style thing, its more like my shinguards have pushed down on the tongue and the composite metatarsal guard has stayed bent in that position. Trust me, my skates are tied plenty tight and my backwards skating is fine. Thanks for worrying about me though, I guess that's the nice sweet figure skater in you.

Also, have you ever taken the time to look at a pair of speed skates? I wonder how they can go so fast or even skate at all considering that there is barely a tongue and not really any ankle support?

Wonder if those guys skate fast? :sarcas m:

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