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03-28-2010, 09:56 PM
Peter Griffin
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Originally Posted by FruityPants3 View Post
Not a pro, but that would make a mess. It's easy to go from an oversized OEM deck to a smaller after market with a kit, but going up in size you are probably going to hit the venting and everything. You'd end up paying through the nose to install if someone could.
Just looking at your dash and that unit it looks like you'd have to carve up your dash pretty good just to fit it in, and that's not taking into consideration how deep the unit is and whether or not it would even fit that way. The deck is apparently about 6.5" high and judging from your pic it looks like you have maybe 4" or so of room to play with. I don't think there is anyway it would fit without building some custom mount and even then it would probably end up looking like garbage.

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