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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I see a lot of noobs on the ice in a year and for me it is common for me to expect highsticking anywhere near a noob in the corners. Especially when they have a full face cage .... their arms come up to get rough in the corner like it is an NHL tryout or something. I go in with one hand in front of my face for pretection because I know it is coming almost every time. A player who knows what he is doing will let go of the stick with ONE HAND to defend someone from taking the puck from them but new players always have both hands clenched on the shaft at all times and is why you see guys open for passes and they miss it because they had the stick OFF the ice in both hands waist high.

I defend with one hand as well while backchecking, as soon as they feel a stick in there trying for the puck they throw you off of them with both hands on the stick instead of one hand free of their stick like people who know how to play do.

For example if I cut around someone they start backchecking and I have one hand still stickhandling and the other hand guarding their stick from the backcheck.

Guys new to the sport cannot help it usually except for the corner rough stuff, they see it on TV when watching their NHL team and think it is the way to play at pickup or shinny. it is acceptable in men's league though so there are places where it is okay.

The point being an experienced player will know they are coming up on a noob and will be cautious.

Just use common sense and watch what the experienced players do, they don't throw elbows in the corner fighting for a puck or throw a hit when someone else isn't expecting one.

Unfortunately one NEW guy got under my skin earlier this year with a hit behind the net. It was a friendly pickup and I was not expecting to be hit and was off balance trying not to hit HIM. We got at the puck at the same time and he decided not to let into me, so I chewed him hard about it and told him I can go throw some hits too if you want to play that way to let me know. I reminded him I only weighed 80 lbs more than him.

Some guys get it and some don't. Don't be one of those guys.
Like I said, alot of the time I don't get to a puck in the corner because I'm either too slow to get there in time - or are afraid I might inadvertently jostle someone.

The coaches of my beginner's league haven't run any drills on corner play, so I'm kind of stuck going by either 1-my gut 2-watching the more experienced players, some of whom really jostle each other as much as possible, pushing and shoving but just a shade less than actual checking 3-what I see on TV.

At pickup it seems that it's the fastest skaters who can do the most damage since you cannot check or grab to stop anyone, but unless you are able to poke the puck away in a stick check, they will skate around you and you end up leaving the goalie to stop the breakaway by them self.

One other point you mentioned, I do keep both hands on the stick even in the corners, but keep my elbows from flailing so I don't hit anyone. All I do is dig a little - with as little physical contact with the other player as possible.

I do this as the coaches have stressed keeping both hands on the stick almost all the time, and stay in a bended crouch to better be able to catch a pass, pick up speed, change direction, etc. If I do get to the corner first, I will keep one hand on the stick to control the puck, and the other hand on the boards with the puck at my feet, using my (large) rear to shield it from an opponent.

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