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03-29-2010, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by medgett View Post
This is probably true to some extent. That being said, I can understand where Orcatown's concern is coming from. There is a sale to be made to these undrafted FA's, but we aren't getting the contract so to speak. I agree that depth plays into it, but the organization has sold to the fans that their unconventional and innovative committment to the well being of their players will be a major selling point. You would think that Vancouver wouldn't be a tough sell based on the strong organization, the fact that this is a contending team, and the city itself, would all contribute to this being an attractive team to sign with yet we don't seem to sign the top-notch undrafted FA's available. I think it is maybe too early to think of this as a problem, but I would admit there is reason for concern.
Tyler Bozak is the #1 center in Toronto right now. If he'd signed for us, he'd be the #1 center for the Manitoba Moose. And pretty much the same thing with Gilroy.

These guys are 23-25 years old and would have to be out of their minds to sign with a deep contending team. They have basically 2 training camps to prove they're NHL material before getting thrown on the scrap heap.

As long as we're a good team, we're going to be behind the 8-ball. All of these guys are signing with non-playoff or bubble playoff teams where they know they'll have a shot coming out of camp next year.


Like I said in another thread, this whole 'college UFA' thing is getting really overhyped.

Somehow a bunch of guys who were very marginal prospects, were passed over in the draft 3 times each, and have decent seasons as NCAA players when they're in their mid-20s have become a hot commodity. The contracts/signing bonuses these guys are getting are totally out-of-whack with their ability levels.

GMs are following the herd after everyone saw Anaheim have success signing guys out of college a few years ago, and the result is a strange market bubble.

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