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03-29-2010, 12:36 PM
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Wow.... WTF is up with this guy. To write an article about these people or any kind of day in your life to me just reeks of being self absorbing, like any of us really give a **** about how bad your day was, I surely don't. His job is about writing about hockey nothing else, these random blogs he puts up is really mind boggling, no wonder the FAN has cut down on the games he goes to, cause HE NEVER TALKS ABOUT THEM! You would think after a hard fought OT loss to the defending stanley cup champions it would be pretty easy to write up a nice post game blog, but not for Berger, he rather tell the world how bad his day went at Pearson....

I read the blog, and this guy has lacked any kind of class or professionalism for a long time, I've been wanting a new Leaf reporter for the fan for a while now. I'm embarassed he reports and writes for the Leafs. I'm shocked that he continually spews off this garbage and is still employed by anyone.

I am actually a journalism student and my dream was always been to play for the Leafs, obviously as time went on I had to find a new way to get involved in hockey or with the Leafs and thats where writing came in to play. My dream now is to become a Leaf reporter in the future after I get my degree, and I know for a fact that there are a tonne of inspiring reporters out there who would do anything for the opprotunity Berger has, and he takes it for granted. The fan 590 IMO need to start looking for his replacement, he shows no signs of passion to his job in my eyes, and hopefully in a couple of years I can get my foot in the door...for everyone's sake lol .

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