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Originally Posted by Th4thurt View Post
The part about the Cab driver was unnecessary but if the attendant was as bad as he says, she shouldn't have a job.
The whole blog was unnecessary. I wonder how the FAN feels when they go to him and say yeah so let's look at the latest blog you have up about the Pittsburgh game. They look at it....and they see has nothing to do with the game. It's a waste of space and probably a waste of money on the FAN for paying him to go to Pittsburgh on their dime and then come back with absolutely NO SUBSTANCE about the actual game. You start to really to get the idea of why he doesn't go to many games now.

Also, if someone is eatting something no matter if she's a flight attendant or whatever, how rude is it to stick your head in between the seats and say *Yeah thats a pretty bad odour * I would've told him to get his face back and shut up, if she wants to eat tuna than she can, he sounds like a little kid.

Personally I don't like the smell of some different types of cultural food, but does that give me the right to go up to them and say * hey can you stop eatting that, it smells bad. Like this whole blog iritates me to no end.

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