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Originally Posted by DoctorPayne View Post
This article is definitive proof that Howard Berger is the greatest IRL troll in history. Seriously, read some of this stuff:

Oh **** son, you really NAILED her there! After all, she's totally the one that's out there maintaining the planes, making sure that they're all ready to ferry "important people" such as yourself to exotic locations like Pittsburgh, where Ron Wilson and the rest of the Leafs get to pretend for the hour you spend in their locker room that they don't think you're an ugly, smelly, untalented little gremlin.

I'm betting that Bryan Trottier would rather have jumped into the propeller than be stuck with this little imp beside him, pestering him for stories he's probably told HUNDREDS of times.

Oh, the humanity! Poor Howard, unable to LIFT HIS OWN BAGS, didn't get the requisite help from a "black man" - I thought that they were supposed to do all the physical labour for white folks, and add a friendly "yes massa!" at the end! Jesus, does this ****ing moron live in the 1820s or something?

This whole article is really unbelievable. Luckily for him, Hockey Buzz has no standards whatsoever; if this idiot published this anywhere else, he'd be out of a job by the next day.
Doesn't his articles get published on both hockeybuzz and the FAN 590? Anyway he's just a moron who has no perception of class or character. He definitely has a racist tone to this article which is pretty sad. He needs to grow up and look at the situation. He's a reporter for one of if not the most popular hockey team in the world. Writing this kind of garbage is not acceptable.

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