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03-29-2010, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Look, I didn't say that people can't have valid reasons to dislike Sean Avery. Never have I said anything close to that. I said you make yourself look ignorant when you say things like he averages 20 points and never fights, which are both clear fallacies. Nothing else. And then you come back with things like "multiple suspensions," which is again untrue.

If you want to hate Avery, fine, you're entitled to. But at least get your facts straight... And don't tell me about why Avery fans like Avery, being that I am one and you're not. I think I know why I like the player, ya know?

EDIT: I stand corrected on the suspension. I forgot that LAK told him to stay away from the team toward the end of his tenure. My mistake.

Still, the comments about fighting, his offensive contributions and the "sizzle over beef", I stand by. Which was my original point...hate him if you want, but base the hatred in reality.
He doesn't stay healthy. He is hated whenever he leaves a team (sometimes before, remember Modano). He isn't a scorer, by any definition. He intimidates no one with his antics. He whines to the refs incessantly. The refs can't stand him, and yes that's his fault, and costs the team he is on. He cost the Rangers dearly in the playoffs against Washington last season.

Those are all blatant negatives. What are his positives, other than some of the fans get a kick out of his antics?

I went overboard in my original post because I regard him as a gigantic negative. Apologies for that. Now instead of insulting a poster, why not post his positives.

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