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03-29-2010, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
He doesn't stay healthy. He is hated whenever he leaves a team (sometimes before, remember Modano). He isn't a scorer, by any definition. He intimidates no one with his antics. He whines to the refs incessantly. The refs can't stand him, and yes that's his fault, and costs the team he is on. He cost the Rangers dearly in the playoffs against Washington last season.

Those are all blatant negatives. What are his positives, other than some of the fans get a kick out of his antics?

I went overboard in my original post because I regard him as a gigantic negative. Apologies for that. Now instead of insulting a poster, why not post his positives.
Because I've posted what I view as his positives about a billion times in the 547546845 Avery threads we have each season. It's not an argument worth rehashing, IMO.

Again...I don't dispute your "central point." I agree with it, in fact. I'm not trying to argue with you about his value, or change your opinion of him as a player. The ONLY reason I said anything at all was because of the factual inaccuracies in your first post. If that was hyperbole that I didn't pick up on, and I offended you with the "look ignorant" bit, I apologize.

I don't go looking for Avery arguments, since I know how polarizing he is. It's like talking politics. So, again, sorry. I'm done now.


It's just pain.

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