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Originally Posted by Brodie562 View Post
i wasn't even talking about that one game. if he has a bad game vs. NSH it won't mean anything. And of course he'll have to prove it over a season.

I don't agree that Quick and HE alone got this team this far.

I think of Eddie Murphy's stand up when i talk to people about the kings goaltending:

You didn't make love.
It just felt real good. You know why?

Because you waited
five months for it.

If you're starving and somebody
throws you a cracker,
you gonna be like this:

"*******, that's the best cracker
I ever ate in my life!

"That ain't no regular cracker, was it?
What was that, a Saltine?

"*******, that was delicious.

"That wasn't no Saltine. That was...
That was a Ritz. That wasn't a Ritz?

"Can I have another one, please?
Please, one more."

Then you get married, because
you think you've found the bomb.

Have the same crackers
every day for a year.

And you roll over one day
and be like:

"Hey, I just got some
regular old crackers."
your posts get more and more incoherent

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