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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
As others have said, there is still hype in those other markets, such as those playing in the SEL. Theres currently a Bidding War on Mats Zuccarello Aasen, who had a great showing in the Olympics.

Volpatti's contract is a little bit too much, but when theres a bidding war and you like the player, how else are you going to get his services? Besides as i said earlier, if it doesn't work out, all it costs us is money. Why are we complaining about $100K over league min when its unlikely he will receive that money?

Matt Gilroy was an exception because of his age and was able to have no upper limit on his contract. So using that as an example is not really fair. Because otherwise almost all others sign something close to an ELC. A big majority of the boards at that time thought the deal was a bit much and that was probably more than what Gillis wanted to pay.

Hindsight is a good thing to have but its a bit unfair, considering how many scouts thought Gilroy has impressed at the College ranks. Had he been able to translate some of that to the NHL, like some thought he would, he would have been a good pick up. But no one knows how these guys will adapt, just like all other prospects. But the only difference is that it did not cost them a pick.

Can you give me an example of the bolded text? Bozak is the ONLY player i know that has a bonus laden contract similar to those chosen #1-3 overall. And he is not mediocre. I have watched him numerous times and he has really transitioned well, compared to Gilroy. Using the hindsight that you use, Burke is looking like a smart manager to me. He got essentially a top 6 forward for nothing.

There is a difference. There is no bidding war when it comes to prospects you have the rights to.
1) The point was not that there is hype in these markets, the point was that that there is too much hype and the players are getting paid too much.

2) Where do you get that there was a bidding war for Volpatti, as far as I know there wasn't one. I take back what I said about his $200,000 being maybe the only good thing, it's the worst thing in his deal.

3) No Gilroy is not an exception, if you look at these college players deals, they tend to get nice deals one way or another, take Michael Testwuide's ELC deal he signed with Philly for instance, he won't make much if he stays in the minors at 67,500, although I'm not sure if he can make bonus cash, but if he somehow manages to make it onto the NHL roster he will make $640,000, which is obviously too high, it seems that if you are one of the college players being hyped a bit you will get a decent deal, there have been some other contracts that have been lower yes, but these players haven't been hyped and they are ELC's anyway, I think that the nucks overpaid for Volpatti, 200,000 on the farm for a guy who probably won't be a very good player is too much.

4) Well if they had let Rai's rights go they maybe thought someone might have signed him, so the pressure was on to get him in their minds.

5) This year even more college guys are getting signed, when supposedly last year's crop was better, the point is these college guys are getting way overrated, most of them aren't worth a bag of pucks, I'd much rather sign a player you know can actually play at the pro level and has been doing so in Europe for the same money or less, if you can bring them over.

Edit: Eric Walsky also got at least 1 bonus when he signed his non EL deal, if he makes the NHL he will get paid 875,000, that's crazy, and I don't recall teams clamoring to get him either.

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